Property Photography & Staging

When using a property marketing company to take professional property photography or even a 360° VR Tour, your  number one objective is to visually sell the lifestyle that the property can offer, whether it’s a huge open plan penthouse or a classic family home.  With the right property photography and a bit of staging it can work wonders to help enhance and sell what the  property is physically offering.   Your aim is to create living spaces that are strong in symmetry and rich in accents to create a room that’s warm and inviting.

First impressions count

First impressions really count so spend time on the presentation of your home, keep things fresh and light and clear the clutter. If you’re really struggling, hire a professional home stager to help.

Think about your furniture

Buyers are purchasing their dream space, so don’t let them think it’s too cramped or small. Consider how the furniture is being displayed, if it’s too big for the space or there’s too much of it, remove it or move it around.

Don’t make it personal

Depersonalise rooms by removing too many personal belongings such as photographs, clothes, bulky appliances, tea towels, fridge magnets, bins from inside and outside the property.  Place lamps in dark corners and on!  And make sure you clean every surface to create an inviting space, clean the windows inside and outside the property!

Set the mood

Choose calming, neutral colours to create a natural, inviting and relaxed feel.

Finishing touches

Use furniture that’s of low height so it doesn’t dominate the room and display fresh flowers to breathe some life into the space.

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