360° Photography & 360° Virtual Tour! What’s the Differance?

A 360° image, 360° photograph, 360° panorama, 360° Sphere, 3D Tour, 3D Virtual Tour are all one of the same.  One image that spins on its axis, giving the viewer a complete 360° x 180° view of a location.

A 360° Virtual Tour, 360° Virtual Reality Tour or just VR Tour is the same as above but with Hotspots.  Move through a location by clicking a Hotspot and get taken into another area. Hotspots can also be created to give the viewer more information about the area they are in.

Your 360° images or 360° tour can be viewed directly over the Internet on an array of devices.  Slotting a Smartphone into a VR (virtual reality) headset or a Google Cardboard enables the customers/clients to become immersed into the world of 360°.

We use HTML5 to create our 360° images and 360° Virtual Tours, HTML 5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, the code that describes web pages.  It’s actually three kinds of code: HTML, which provides the structure; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which take care of presentation; and JavaScript, which makes things happen.

If you have any questions regarding 360° photography/ Virtual Tours or any other matters please get in touch we’ll be happy to help.

Above 360° photo of Royal Terrace Gardens, Torquay

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